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Eat to Live and Recipe Ideas

Hi all, I'm new to the community. I have just decided to start following the Eat to Live program and in preparation bought a few things I've never tried before. I was wondering if anyone has recipes/ideas involving them. This is only the second day of my start and I might be tired of salad already!
Ok so these are dried beans I've never cooked with: black eyed peas, pink beans, and great northern beans.
Here is a summary of other things I have: collard greens(frozen), turnip greens(frozen),corn (frozen),yellow squash,zuchinni,carrots,spinach,tomato,bell peppers,white onion,red onion,ginger,cilantro,rosemary,and celery
Any input would be much appreciated- thanks in advance!
*hopefully i've tagged properly??*
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