Öŧŧẹ® (01031986) wrote in vegancooking,

dinner for two?

this guy i've been seeing has requested that i make us a dinner so that he can see what it is that i actually eat; it's been two and a half months, yet i think the poor guy's only seen me eat four times so he really has no idea what to cook for me.. he lives on frozen pizza, fast food & doritos -- while i eat mostly potatoes, vegetables & fruit.. i already have a meal planned: fried chick'n with spicy fries & spicy greens and a blueberry crisp topped with banana 'ice cream' for dessert. does that sound like a decent meal? any suggestions at all? i am a bit lost because i don't really prepare entire meals since it's just myself - i typically just make a bunch of random things that sound good and pick at them over the course of the week.
Tags: -menus, -romantic dinner ideas
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