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Seitan Recipes? + VWAV 'Not-ins' Variation

Hello my fellow vegan foodies!

I got both of the PPK's cookbooks for my birthday last week and I've been living in my kitchen ever since. After poking around some vegan blogs today and noticing a few people raving about homemade seitan, particularly the recipe from VWAV, I decided I had to tried it. And oh my, is it great!!

I like the recipes they suggested to use seitan in, but I'd like to put out a call: absolute all-time favorite recipes to use seitan in ever! I know I can just sub it for beef (I made beef-style) in basically any recipe I veganize, but I'd really like some new, creative ideas!


Also, as part of my PPK recipe marathon tonight, I made the vanilla agave nectar cupcakes from VCTOTW - as they say, these cuppers are definitely worth the splurge for agave; I haven't even decided whether or not I'll make frosting for them because I'm enjoying them so much plain!

And finally, I made the "Fig 'Not-ins'" from VWAV, but since I'm cheap and didn't want to go out and buy a pound of figs, I decided to use one cup of chopped sugared dates and one cup of cranberries that I had on hand in place of the figs. I then made the recipe as normal and I really like the tangy twist they have compared to normal Fig Newtons. The cranberries don't cook down as much as dates or figs do, but they do get soft and are still quite tasty. I'm excited to try these with figs when I get around to buying some.

Thanks all! Happy vegan cooking.
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