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Sausage Waffles

One of my favorite omnivorous meals was Sausage Waffles, a recipe from the Southern Living library (it came from the late eighties, or maybe '79, I don't remember...) that combined a thick bready waffle with savory pork sausage. Oh the memories... Anyway, since adopting a vegan lifestyle this dish is something I've sorely missed, and until now haven't tried to recreate.

I read about people doing this with other dishes and having to spend months tinkering, trying, and failing until they find the exact combination, but I got lucky on the first try!

Anyway, here's my new method:

Preheat waffle iron.

Sautee 1/2 package of Go Lean! Sausage-style .... substance in about 4T peanut oil (I used one of those calphalon non-teflon nonstick pans 'cos it started to stick to my steel pan pretty badly). Set aside, drain if you want, I didn't.

Waffle mixture:
1C unbleached white flour w/germ
1T aluminum-free baking powder
Dash of salt (1/8t?)
1C hemp milk
1T egg substitute + 4T water
2T peanut oil
1T maple syrup

Mix together solids and liquids separately, then combine and whisk together thoroughly. Mix in sausage immediately, let rest a few minutes, then put ~1/2C onto your pre-greased waffle iron. When nice and brown throw on some maple syrup and chow down! These freeze wonderfully.

I was terribly unimpressed with the waffle iron selection to be found at all of my available retail outlets. Belgian wafflemakers all around. I hate belgian waffles. This recipe is not designed to be prepared in a belgian waffle maker. I had to go to a thrift store to find a used waffle maker, the kind with the big square cast iron plates with the smaller wafflings and the little glass porthole in the top that looks down onto the heating element. Black bakelite is where it's at, baby!

Please post your favorite waffle recipes. I'd love to try some new variations on the theme.
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