Marty Greene (martygreene) wrote in vegancooking,
Marty Greene

Determining nutrional values for recipes? Good filling, easy, low-calorie foods?

My partner is on a diet now, and watching caloric intake. I'm trying to be sensitive to this in my cooking and such, but it's hard when cooking at home because I don't know how to figure out the calories and such with homemade food. I'd love to not rely on pre-packaged food during this diet solely for the nutritional info.

Likewise, I'm looking for good, healthy, FILLING, easy foods that my partner can eat. I know that with the caloric restriction hunger is a problem, and I'd love to find some foods that I can make which will keep the belly full and happy without being junky or too high in calories.
Tags: -health-low sugar/low calorie, -nutrition, -vegan-dieting, easy-recipes
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