nora margaret joan (narkivity) wrote in vegancooking,
nora margaret joan

"organic nature bars"

My father just came back from Canada and brought me these two yummy "Organic Nature Bars" (made by Break-a-Way Snacks). They were so yummy, and I've never seen them here in the States, so I'd like to make them myself. Here are the ingredients:
-Sesame Seeds
-Agave Syrup
-Sunflower Seeds
-Rice Syrup
-Crisp Brown Rice
-Pumpkin Seeds

I realize this may be a long shot..but does anyone who has experience with making similar bars have any advice on cooking temp/times, as well as ratio of ingredients in regards to each other? (they are listed in order) Thanks for your help!!
Tags: desserts-bars, seeds-sunflower
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