Kärlenken Väntar (polyphonicvegan) wrote in vegancooking,
Kärlenken Väntar

sexy sauces to ease (keep interesting) the mostly-raw transition

I'm trying to go mostly-raw again...I believe this is attempt number four in seven years of being vegan. The main obstacle is the cost because I have to double or triple my food intake every time I try to stop eating cooked vegan foods. Being a cyclist and dancer already makes me ravenous! The other challenge is keeping things interesting without having to use an arsenal of fancy cooking appliances. I prefer to prepare very simple meals.

My diet has been about 50-60% raw this week: oatmeal with flax oil, trail mix, rice milk and dates for breakfast, tons of fruit for lunch, a giant salad and steamed greens for dinner, and an obscene amount of raw trail mix for snacks. I still drink fortified rice or soy milk.

Can anyone suggest some raw sauces that don't require busting out the food processor? I'm mostly interested in sauces or thick spreads to put on my salads and steamed greens. Is there a raw equivalent to hummus? Anything to make the mountain of fruit for lunch more exciting would be appreciated too.


I've poked around some of the raw communities and...I just haven't found a particularly appealing one yet!
I don't know how one could eat very much broccoli or dark leafy greens like chard raw. I'm still steaming them until further notice. :)
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