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Hello.  It is now Lent and time to eat lots and lots of beans and veggies.  Anyways as I was reading in Nourishing Traditions she suggested sprouting beans as well as seeds.  So tonight I started both my Zesty Sprout Mix and some Red Kidney Beans.  I will probably eat the zesty mix in my salad or on a hummus and sprout sandwich.  I do have some questions about the sprouted red kidney beans.  In NT Sally Fallon, the author, says you should cook beans once they have been sprouted.  I know they will cook much faster than beans that have simply been soaked, but I don't have any recipes for sprouted red kidney beans.  Vegan is necessary.  Also, as I was googling for recipes I found a few sites that say you shouldn't eat sprouted red kidney beans.  I don't know if they mean only raw sprouted red kidney beans or both raw and cooked sprouted red kidney beans.  Any recipes or info/help appreciated.  :-)  I will post pictures of my lovely sprouted beans/seeds with the recipes once they have sprouted.  Thanks.
Tags: beans-(sprouting), beans-kidney, holiday food-lent, seeds-sprouted
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