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Ideas for over the road eating

Hello all!
I have been vegan for five years and recently had to start driving a semi truck as a profession. I really love my job, as I have seen the entire united states now, but the lack of food is literally starting to kill me.
As I am sure you know, the over the road options are Taco Bell burritos (which are loaded with sodium and it's not the best place to eat in the first place), Wendy's Baked Potatos, and Subway veggie subs. I am supposed to limit my sodium due to my endometriosis and that's proving next to impossible. I live off the things listed above, veg "meats," canned soup and some of the microwave bag rices. It's pretty pathetic.
I have a cooler that I get ice for almost daily. I carry soy milk, toffuti better than cream cheese and sour supreme, veganaise, oj, jelly, carrots and broccoli, guacamole. I usually also have salsa. I find salad greens and spinach do not last more than a day and it's just impossible to pull into a wal-mart (only place you can generally park a big rig) every day to get things for salads and so on.

What I need are ideas from canned foods I can make interesting. Like making "soups" from canned beans, veggies and such in my little plug and heat pot. That is about all I can do cooking wise. There are little ovens and crock pots I can get eventually but for now money is super tight. I only eat fast food when I have points on my fuel card and can get the food for free...
Spice wise all I have on my truck is Mrs. Dash but I have tons at my home and I am here for the first time in months...also I can cook for a few days so ideas for things to make here that I can store in a cooler and either eat cold or heat usuing a plug in pot are good too. I am truely in need of some change and more healthy eating.

Thanks a bunch all!
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