E. M. (a_cherry_on_top) wrote in vegancooking,
E. M.

Grown-up Vegan BLT

I'm not a fan of fake meats. They usually have funny tastes or textures. That being said, I bought a package of Fakin' Bacon after reading a rave review in a blog, and I was thoroughly impressed. The smokey tempeh is much better than I ever remember real bacon being. The wrap I made for lunch today is quite quick and simple, but one of the best I've had in a long time.

-1 whole wheat tortilla
-Veganaise (or other mayo substitute)
-sprouts (I used broccoli, clover and mustard sprouts)
-pico de gallo
-2-3 strips of Fakin' Bacon
-oil to coat pan

If desired, warm tortilla in toaster over at 200F for five minutes. Fry Fakin' Bacon until edges start to look crispy. Spread some Veganaise on the tortilla followed by a decent amount of sprouts and pico de gallo. Top with Fakin' Bacon, fold up and enjoy!
Tags: sandwiches-wraps, substitutes-meat-bacon
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