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Vegetarian Tuna Salad & "Fish-style" recipes

Hi all. I am posting this in a few places, so I apologize in advance if you see this more than once.

What is your favorite mock tuna fish salad recipe? I have tried so many, but none of them seem to come very close to actual tuna salad. I know there must be some magic recipe out there, because I've had vegetarian tuna and chicken salad sandwiches at vegan/vegetarian restaurants, and they've been SUPER yummy! I have tried the following:

Chick pea, mayo, etc.
Chick pea, tempeh, mayo, etc.
Tempeh, mayo, etc.

I'm wondering if I should try this with tofu? Firm tofu? Extra firm silken?

Also, does anyone have any healthy tofu "fish-style" recipes? My uncle is SO extremely healthy; he eats a very balanced diet (most fish & veggies), no health problems, etc. I'm trying to think of some healthy filling, but light meals to make with tofu. Grilled tofu with lemon & fresh veggies? I need more ideas. I think this is the hardest part of being vegetarian. It is SO easy for meat eaters to throw together a quick meal that is both healthy and satisfying. They can throw a piece of fish or chicken on the grill, steam some veggies, and they're done. They don't even have to do too much to the fish or chicken, because they have some flavor already. Tofu has no flavor.

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