someone who enjoys sticky poo (kakattack) wrote in vegancooking,
someone who enjoys sticky poo

Sorbet Texture Concerns

So I have a new ice cream maker and I had my first attempt at making sorbet. I made a mango sorbet and I followed a simple recipe calling for:
3 mangoes
A simple syrup of 3/4 cup turbinado sugar and 1 cup water
Juice of one lime.
I pureed it all in the blender until liquified.
I put it through the machine and then froze it for several hours and it is very icy. Although it didn't freeze hard like ice, it does not have the satiny, smooth, spoonable texture of storebought sorbet that I love. It is more like a frozen italian ice of sorts. Is this impossible to recreate at home, or is my recipe missing something? Is there any technique I should learn for using the machine?
Please help!
Tags: -appliances-ice cream makers, -tips, desserts-sorbets/etc
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