tarwater's ghost (tarwatersghost) wrote in vegancooking,
tarwater's ghost

Bread machines and pizza dough

I don't have a kneading / pizza dough setting on my freecycled bread machine.  So, if I want to make pizza dough with it, should I turn it off after the second or third rise?  How long should it take?  I'm guessing that I need it to go through two "risings" (e.g. in my booklet, it states that it kneads for 10 minutes and rises for 5, then kneads for 15 and rises for 20, then "shapes" the loaf for a couple of seconds and rises for 55 minutes).

Any input would be appreciated.  I'm just looking to make a pizza asap. I've got a craving and I'm hungry.

Tags: -appliances-bread makers, breads-pizza-dough
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