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Indian Food Menu for a crowd

A co-worker of my dad's is going to be coming over for dinner at some point, and has specially requested that I make vegan food. He is practically a carnivore- he hunts, fishes, and has steak at least twice a week for his dinner meal. His vegetable intake pretty much consists of corn and potatoes- which are actually starches.

Last night I tried Samosas for the first time, and they were amazing! I am thinking that they will be the 'main' course as I can make them in very large quantities without too much hassle and they don't require a ton of expensive ingredients. I do need help figuring my side dishes and accompaniments. There will be a total of 11 people that I am going to be cooking for, so I am looking for either recipes that can be prepared in advance, are not very time consuming, or are completely worth their time =) Chutney recipes and other dips for the Samosas would be great as well.
Obviously I am looking to do Indian style dishes. Any recipes are appreciated, but if you happen to have any that would be particularly kid friendly that would be great. Of the 11 people, 6 of them are under the age of 13. Also, please no tofu or seitan dishes. Because everyone I am cooking for is a carnivore, I would like to avoid meat replacements and focus on veggies and grains.
I have a while to compile recipes, but would love to get some ideas beforehand so I can start to plan the meal =)
Tags: -menus, co-ops/large volume recipes/tips, ethnic food-indian, foods that non-vegans would like, party foods &/or potlucks
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