my petit recit (pandora1017) wrote in vegancooking,
my petit recit

Make my dinner, featuring broccoli, beans, & basmati rice

Hey all, can you help me come up with something for dinner? I have lots of stuff, but it seems like no matter what I think of, I'm missing something (usually red peppers).

Stuff I want to use up (of course I have other staples around):
basmati rice
broccoli, celery, chili peppers
ginger, garlic, onions
lots of legumes: pintos, red beans, gandules, chick peas, black beans, brown lentils, yellow lentils
coconut milk
sesame seeds
sunflower seeds
red curry paste
lots of seasonings, especially indian seasonings

I was maybe thinking a stir fry, but I want to use some of my beans and I've never had a stir fry with beans. Also, I know daal is a given, but I'm hungry and don't want to wait an hour and a half. Thanks!
Tags: beans(uncategorized), grains-rice, main dishes-rice based, make my dinner!!! the cooking game show, vegetables-broccoli
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