gullible's travels. (wornpeculiarity) wrote in vegancooking,
gullible's travels.

tempeh marinade disaster.

Ok, I'm new. Hi. I checked the memories out pretty well, but didn't see anything else about this. I'm not super fond of tempeh, and the spouse HATES it, but I was feeling VwaV tempeh bacon last night, so I made the marinade, sliced up the tempeh, plopped it in there, and then disaster struck. Okay, so maybe it's not as dramatic as all that. Essentially, my tempeh crumbled. I had frozen it and thawed it in the fridge the day of, sliced it up with a good clean sharp chef's knife, but it started falling apart after just 15 minutes in the marinade. When I put it in the frying pan, pretty much anything that was left looking like a strip broke apart. So now I've got tempeh bacon bits. Anyone else have this problem? Did I do something wrong? All the pictures I've ever seen of tempeh bacon look like nice strips...
Tags: tempeh
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