Hilary (jandrofrachini) wrote in vegancooking,

generic bean/grain/legume cooking instructions

I'm going to sound really stupid, but my issue is that I love the bulk bins at my health food store, and I've been stocking up on all these dried beans and legumes and grains that are so cheap and wonderful but... I don't know how to cook them. Would it be okay to assume that, as a general rule, I can just soak them all overnight or for a few hours, and then cook them in boiling water until they're soft?
Grains need a more approximate water:grain ratio, though, right? Would 2:1 work? I know I'm just being lazy and refusing to remember the exact ways for cooking everything, but really. Really. I just got home from my first shift at my first restaurant job and figuring anything out for myself right now seems an immense, impossible task.

Thanks guys:/
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