prostibuli eligantia. (stargazerlily65) wrote in vegancooking,
prostibuli eligantia.

la tragédie de du chômeur pouding.

this came out all wrong. help?

I used this recipe:

which seemed easy enough, but the instructions were sort of vague. what exactly is a large baking dish? when I looked up pictures of chômeur pouding I found this:

so I figured I'd need something with a high wall.

I followed the instructions, and the 'syrup' liquid covered the cake dough, but I figured it would work out.

this came out of the oven:

sank a little, but was definitely done, as a knife came out clean. I noticed that it was a bit heavy, but I was imagining that the 'syrup' had thickened significantly.

I let it cool for a little bit and then inverted it. (as the picture would have you believe!)

then boiling hot sugar-water poured all over everything. it was a flood.

I flipped it back.

I meaaaannn

it tasted good. kind of like a dense pancake with sauce, but obviously I did this wrong. I suspect I used the wrong kind of vessel to cook with.

leave me some advice while I mop the floor.
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