sarah (pearllessoyster) wrote in vegancooking,

Classic Italian Easter food

Today in my Italian class we got a recipe for Colomba (which means dove, like the bird), an Italian cookie-type dessert traditionally made for Easter. I'd love to try making it, but the recipe calls for NINE eggs, and I'm unsure as to how to veganize it without it falling apart.

Here's the recipe:

1.25 kg flour
450 g butter
350 g chopped, candied fruit
300 g sugar
120 g milk
50 g yeast
60 g powdered sugar
1 peel lemon, grated
9 eggs
a pinch of salt

I can translate the recipe too if anyone wants it. I'm mostly concerned with the eggs - when I usually make cookies/cake/etc, I'm a huge fan of using applesauce, but it seems like it wouldn't work at all in this situation. Any suggestions?

Tags: -adapting recipes, ethnic food-italian, holiday food-easter/ostara/zombie day, substitutes-eggs-for cookies
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