Micah (slackademic) wrote in vegancooking,

Pound Cake!

Hey folks, one of the Great Vegan Mysteries that I have yet to solve is finding the perfect butter substitute for pound cake.
Normally in baking I'm pleased as punch to use oil instead of butter (using about half the quantity if using an oil to substitute for a solid fat), or using earth balance, spectrum, or a similar shortening or margerine.
However, pound cake, in my experience, is just one of those recipes that really rich, high quality, clean-tasting fat is essential for. Of all the afore-mentioned substitute fats, none of them have done the trick for lending to a super rich pound cake (with the perfect texture).
Have any of you managed? I don't need pound cake recipes (unless anyone has developed an amazing vegan pound cake recipe that has a unqiue ingredient balance), as I'd like to recreate the Perfect Pound Cake from my childhood, but I'd love tips on the perfect fat to get an amazing flavor without messing with the texture.
Thanks in advance!
Tags: desserts-cakes-pound cakes, substitutes-dairy-butter
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