a complicated route to the stars (esotericainblue) wrote in vegancooking,
a complicated route to the stars

soy yogurt substitutions?

Does anyone know of a good substitution for soy yogurt in recipes? Specifically in baked goods. (I think the one I need it for is the Rasperry Blondie Bars in VwaV but I'm not certain...) I poked around my refrigerator to see what I could possibly use and all I can come up with is coconut milk. Which might make the bars coconutty which might be great but, then again, might not be. Is the yogurt something that could be left out completely?

(The thing is, I live in rural Texas where things like soy yogurt are hard to come by. I usually make monthly trips to Whole Foods, which is about two hours away, but I really, really want to make these now!) Thanks in advance!
Tags: substitutes-dairy-yogurt
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