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Pizza Help

My mom is flying into town Monday night and I would like to make pizza for her. She's not vegan but in the past, has eaten vegan food and enjoyed it. I don't know how much vegan food she can tolerate before she starts asking "where's the meat" so I need a recipe that is tried and true omnivore approved.

For the crust I'm looking for something that is fluffy and thick. The ingredients I need to be a bit more conservative and find what really goes well taste-wise instead of throwing whatever I have.

I have the following cookbooks:
All Sara Kramer books
Uncheese cookbook
Everyday Vegan
Planet Vegan

I'm open to recipes on forums as well. I just need something (particularly the crust recipe) that taste good. Time is not an issue especially when the end product comes out awesome.
Tags: ethnic food-italian-pizza, foods that non-vegans would like
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