tornlace724 (tornlace724) wrote in vegancooking,

Lion's Mane Mushrooms

The SO got a growing kit for Lion's Mane mushrooms today and after the initial warm-fuzzies of getting involved in the household's food production subsided (he was so proud of himself), he realized he had no idea what to do with them. He's so cute.

From what I've heard, they taste and have a consistency similar to that of crab, which makes him happy, but myself clueless (I've never had the stuff). I've had ponderances of sushi, but don't know if that will honestly work out and don't know what else to make... Has anyone else ever worked with it before? I'd like suggestions and ideas for how to prepare it since we're apparently going to be growing a lot of it for a long time....
Tags: vegetables-mushrooms
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