sarah (pearllessoyster) wrote in vegancooking,

seasoning salt?

My (omni) boyfriend and I recently combined kitchens, and I found a huge bottle of Lawry's seasoning salt. By all accounts it looks to be just a blend of spices that you can put on/in pretty much anything, but when I threw it on some broccoli the other night, I could I have sworn I tasted something meaty. I don't know if this is just due to the association of seasoning salts + meat, and I looked at the ingredients again, and the only suspicious thing I could see was the ever-tricky "Natural Flavors." I did a google search, and I found lawry's showing up in a number of vegan recipes, though it wasn't on the Accidentally Vegan list. Does anybody have any experience with lawry's?
Tags: -is this vegan?
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