Erin (studiouspilgrim) wrote in vegancooking,

Sugar cookie decorating

So my friends recently moved to PGH to open Fossil Free Fuels ( if you wanna learn more), and I offered to bake a bunch of stuff for their ribbon cutting ceremony. I'm gonna do 2 or 3 cakes and a whole bunch of dinosaur sugar cookie cut-outs (lame and yet oh so awesome). Basically my question is does anyone have a good royal icing recipe that is vegan, or any experience with vegan decorating of sugar cookies. I know how to make a nice basic stiff royal icing but my boss warned me that w/out oodles of meringue powder (So not vegan) the frosting tends to not harden well, which is obviously a problem for a number of reasons. So experiences? tips etc?

(sorry I don't know how to do tags...)
Tags: desserts-cookies-icings
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