Countess of Cocaine (purple_ivy) wrote in vegancooking,
Countess of Cocaine

Peanut butter and banana toasted tortillas

Hey lovely vegan peoples! I hope your day is treating you well so far :)

This afternoon after having completed my first attempt at making vegan cheesecake (have yet to try it) I thought I needed some lunch, only to discover nothing I felt like. That is until I saw the peanut butter in the fridge and the bananas on the kitchen bench. HELLO, YUM!
But, alas, when I went to get the last bun out the pantry to make peanut butter and banana on a bun under the grill, there was no bun! It was sad.

So, off to the freezer I went and what do you think I found hiding in there?


"Snap!" I thought, "I shall have peanut butter and banana tortillas and put them in the sammich press."

So, that is what I did.

How I did it. Plus the cheapest, most horrible MS Paint illustrations ever.Collapse )

It was really yummy and could be eaten any time of the day, really. I think they'd be nice with mayple syrup or caramel sauce. Or icecream!
Tags: -appliances-grills/panini makers, sandwiches-not for packed lunches
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