katnyu002 (katnyu002) wrote in vegancooking,

Replacement for Agar and soy powder, and habanero suggestions

Hey kids. I'm trying to make this recipe for habanero lime bread that calls for milk powder. I was going to just replace it with soy powder, but I don't have any. Do you think I can just use some soy protein powder? Or what else do you suggest?

I'm also trying to make this recipe for homemade vegan paneer (Indian fresh cheese) and it calls for some agar. I couldn't find it at the store nearest me. I know where I COULD find it, but I'm not going there any time soon. Is there something else I can use besides agar? I have Ener-G egg replacer, if that helps...

Lastly, I have a whole bunch of habanero peppers to use, and while the above bread is a start, does anyone have any other ideas?
Tags: breads-savory, substitutes-dairy-cheese, substitutes-dairy-powdered milk, vegetables-peppers (spicy)
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