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The Vegan Apron: A new Aussie podcast

Hi friends,

My husband and I have started an online cooking show known as The Vegan Apron.

It is a podcast you can download and listen to. Basically we'regoing to record a 15/20 minute radio show a few times a week of uscooking, talking over vegan issues and having a laugh. It will beinteractive, with audience members able to vote on challengeingredients for a weekend cookup.

It should be lots of fun and I'd encourage you to listen and respond -we need all the audience we can get! If it is a success on the netwe'll consider putting together a recipe book with cd and selling it. Who knows :)

You can find us here:

Our first show should be coming out today or tomorrow but please go andvote on the challenge ingredients. Vote early (but not often)!

xx Sarah.

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