Marty Greene (martygreene) wrote in vegancooking,
Marty Greene

Favorite thing to do with NUTRITIONAL YEAST (the start of a series)

I've decided, partially because my partner and I are going to be starting our own household (just us!) shortly, to start figuring out some creative things to do with pantry staples and common foodstuffs.

I'm sure we've all thought at some point or another "there's got to be something else to do with X", or "I have no idea what to make, and I don't feel like shopping...".

So, I've decided to do a series of posts to fuel discussion of everyone's favorite things to do with assorted and sundry food items. I'll then archive them to untitled, my friendly (omnivorous but with a hefty helping of vegan recipes, and predominantly kosher for everything) cooking journal, and of course they'll be archived here by tag.

I'll try to do these once per week, or every other week, depending on the interest.

So, to start with:
What is everyone's favorite thing to do with NUTRITIONAL YEAST?
This includes recipes where nutritional yeast plays a strong hand in things, simple to complex it doesn't matter. Sprucing up an otherwise bland dish? Making something uncanny? If it features nutritional yeast, it counts!
Tags: nutritional yeast
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