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Pies for the public!

There is something so comforting about pies and pastry (could be something to do with all that fat!). When I was dropping off to sleep the other night I started thinking about aubergine in a pie and how good that would be, and maybe roasting an aubergine to puree to surround the pie filling, and what about this, and what about that... my fantasty pie was amazing. So, not the next day because I had to go shopping first, but the day after that I made my dreams a reality!


The pie filling is made from aubergine, courgette, mushroom and red onion chunks, fried in very little oil. I then added a couple of cans of chickpeas and stuck it in the bottom of a loaf tin (the only tin I have of appropriate size).

At the same time I stuck another aubergine in the oven and when that was soft put the flesh, along with some garlic, salt, pepper, little veg stock, a little flour and some extra bits of fried mushroom into a jug and pureed it, then poured this oven the vegetable chunks (I took a photo but can't bring myself to post it, it looks like grey glop!), and topped it with pastry that I had made earlier in the day and left chilling in the fridge.

I was absolutely delicious, and huge, enough for a good few meals. If something takes more than ten minutes preparation I feel it needs to provide more than one meal!

It was great both cold and reheated in the oven, so chunky and filling and satisfying, everything I could want in a pie!

And, because it seems I am incapable of remembering to halve my pastry recipe if I am only using on the top instead of underneath as well, I had left over pastry to play with. Oh dear, what a shame :D. I made some pastry pasty type things, two were mushroom, garlic and thyme, two were sundried tomato and basil. All were delicious!

mushroom pastry - filling tomato pastry - filling
The filling for the mushroom ones, some fresh mushrooms, some rehydrated dried mushrooms, some garlic, some salt, pepper and some thyme. For the tomato ones, one fresh tomato, some rehydrated sundried tomato, some red onion, a tiny bit of chilli, salt and sugar and some basil.

Marked with a cocktail stick so I could tell which were which!

pastries-m pastries-t
They were both good but I think the mushroom win, but that may be because if I had my way I would eat thyme everyday in every meal!

Even just looking at these pictures is making me crave pie again. I wish I could eat pastry everyday!
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