procrastinator (squarebed) wrote in vegancooking,

soy cream and mystery quiche

Two things!

1) Suggestions for soy cream usage. I recently purchased two small cartons of soy cream and I want to use it for something extremely decadent - something that's hard to make without cream. Do you guys have any suggestions? Recipes? I was thinking truffles, but you could totally make that with cashew cream... plus I want something way more extravagant.

2) Mystery quiche. I'm looking for a recipe that was posted here on vegancooking years ago. I've searched through the reicpe index but to no avail. It was an extremely good looking quiche or tart type thing with tomato, tofu, pine nuts... possibly spinach. Did anyone save it? The post had a photo included if that helps...

Thanks guys!
Tags: main dishes-quiche, substitutes-dairy-cream/condensed milk
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