Candice (unityatonce) wrote in vegancooking,

"Pot pie"-ish questions.

Ive decided that I really want to attempt to make my own pot pie sort of thing.

I have a few questions about it first though.

I wanted to add some fresh veggies, not frozen, along with tofu and mashed potatoes. So my first question would be:
1.)Do I cook my fillings (aside from mashed potatoes obviously) before I put them into the pie, and into the oven? Or do I let the oven cook these for me?

and my second,
2.)Anyone have any great and successful recipies for the dough that I will need for this pie? And how to place it along the top??

Thanks so much for any help! Im really craving this and have never tried it before!
Tags: breads-pie crust/pastry, main dishes-pot pies
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