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Beans/Rice centered recipes?

My boyfriend and I just recently acquired 35lbs of dried beans and 40lbs of dried rice. That's a lot of beans and rice. What are some of your favorite recipes that include beans (any variety, and if you typically use canned beans I'm pretty sure I can substitute dried beans and some of the soaking water), rice, or both beans and rice. I also have a surplus of dried pasta and frozen veggies.

I'm open for anything - soups, casseroles, breads, dishes of any kind! My boyfriend and I are new to veganism, but not new to being poor hah, but I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do with all these dried goods. All of my recipe books involve some sort of meat, and my vegan/vegetarian cookbook calls for a lot of exotic spices and foods I just can't find or can't afford. If anyone can recommend some decent spices to invest in I'd be very very grateful. I have the typical stock of kitchen spices, but it's geared more towards baking than cooking.

Thank You!
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