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Bread pudding

This is what I did on Friday afternoon (sorry the photo isn't great):
Last summer I had fun experimenting with bread pudding with some mates. Every time I make it, it's a little different. So my instructions are a bit vague.

core ingredients:
bread (I use 3-4 thick slices of wholemeal bread or similar)
milk (last summer we got hold of some milk that was half soya and half rice milk and that worked well. I'm sure other vegan milk with be fine though)
sugar (I use a fair old sprinkling of brown sugar)
Fruit, nuts and spices: (some of these are entirely optional - I'll just list some of the ones I've tried)
ground cinnamon, ground ginger, vanilla (basically whatever you like - I use about 2 tsps in total)
crystallised ginger
sultanas (1 or 2 handfuls)
chopped pecans
dried cranberries
chopped dried mango
chopped dried papaya

First I rip the bread into small pieces and put it all in a pyrex dish. I guess if you have the luxury of a blender you could use that instead.
Then I mix in the spices and add some milk. The amount of milk is never really exact. It's got to be enough so you can mush up the bread so it becomes quite thick and stickyish. You may need/like to add a drop more milk in the final stages for the dried fruit to soak up.
Stir in the dried fruit and then sprinkle over a fair amount of sugar, stir that in and then put it in the oven.
I tend to have the oven at about 150C and I leave it in there for approx 45 mins. It's not really an exact science though - if I put more milk in than usual it takes longer to cook to the right consistency.
Anyway, I hope someone finds that useful/inspiring.
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