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Help with French Toast?

Since it's the Apostle's Fast, my husband and I are living pretty much vegan (avoiding eggs, all dairy, and meat with a few exceptions) so I realized this morning I'd had it up to my eyeballs with oatmeal and farina cereals  paired with fruit , and decided I'd try French Toast.

I used the equivalent of three eggs, 1/4 c. rice milk, cinnamon, sweetener and a healthy splash of vanilla extract.  I'd give more exact measurements, but I tend to cook by eyeball, so my recipes tend to be pretty impromptu.

It was good, but lacked the "body" I associate with French Toast made with eggs.  Would a bit of soy yogurt help with that, or am I stuck with limp French Toast?  (I'm also going to google it, but I've enjoyed the recipes I've seen here, so I thought I'd ask.)

Is there an egg replacer that you find gives a more egg-y result?  I use the Ener-G brand and sometimes it seems a bit gummy.  I realize that it's more a binding agent than anything, but I'm a bit new at this whole "not using eggs" and I wasn't sure that applesauce would taste good cooked.

Also, short of using yellow food dye, what could I toss in the mixture to give it that golden color?

Please note, I'm not really offering the recipe up for replication, more asking what I could add to give it more body and be more like the original French Toast.

(Sorry if you've seen this more than once.  I posted in veganrecipes and think this is probably a better place to ask.)
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