oh my dear lucia (lucyhoney23) wrote in vegancooking,
oh my dear lucia

summer pasta dish

i got the water boiling and threw in whole wheat penne.

i pressed (4 oz) firm tofu, then cut it into 1/2" cubes. i put just a DROP of olive oil in a pan, and then put the tofu in until it was golden on all sides. i quartered (10?) cherry tomatoes and threw them in when the tofu was ready, then i added a clove of minced garlic,some balsamic vinegar (maybe 2 TBSP), and a pinch of crushed red pepper. then i added some pasta water (maybe half a cup), brought to a boil, then lowered the heat and simmered it covered for 10 minutes. i uncovered and added more pasta water and a bunch more balsamic vinegar, then simmered (uncovered) until it reduced. then i tossed the pasta in and ate.

yummy and sweet.

Tags: pasta
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