Miss Dawn (missdawn) wrote in vegancooking,
Miss Dawn

no-name grape dessert

i was at a family gathering yesterday and had a delicious desert. someone told me the recipe and, to my delight, found it was possible to veganise it. it can easily be halved - this was for a family function so there was *lots*!

no-name grape dessert

4 pounds grapes
8 oz. vegan cream cheese (they said a "block" of cream cheese so i'm assuming 8 ounces)
4 oz. vegan sour cream
1/2 c. vegan sugar (kind closest to conventional "white")
1 c. vegan brown sugar
pecans (enough to sprinkle liberally over the top)

mix together cream cheese, sour cream and "white" sugar; toss with grapes. put this in a big bowl. top with brown sugar followed by pecans.
Tags: desserts-fruits, fruits-grapes
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