sickening_wreck (sickening_wreck) wrote in vegancooking,


i have a question..

is it okay to eat tofu raw?? see, i had miso soup leftover from take out sushi last night. i also got this cold japanese tofu, it just looked raw and i added that to the miso soup. i wanted more tofu so i added several small pieces of silken tofu, straight from the container which was in the fridge. i heated up the soup for a couple minutes in the microwave. i figured it was allright to eat raw, since it is just soybean... but now that i think about it maybe it wasn't. i feel fine (a little bloated but it's probably all the sodium) but i'm worried i may feel sick if it was not safe to eat. can you guys offer some opinions on this situation? is it safe to eat raw?

(btw i did a search and there were no posts on this matter).
Tags: food-safety, tofu
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