Nervachu (nerva) wrote in vegancooking,


I'm making a vegetable lasagna tonight, and i'm thinking of using tvp in it. None of the recipes i've looked over have used it, and i'm not sure about cooking times, could it dry out by the time the veggies are done? I'm also considering using falafel mix, as i have some of that in the cupboard too.
Does anyone have any experience using either if these in anything like a lasagna?
I bought a bulb of fresh fennel because i've never cooked with it before, and i'd like to try to include it in this. I'm not really sure what would mix well with it though, I'm thinking of using a basil pesto/sauce instead of tomato, i think the aniseed flavor would be better with basil. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated! ^_^
Tags: ethnic food-italian-lasagne
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