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Spicy General Tso Seitan with Veggie Stir Fry

How to make this dish quick and easy using pre-made sauce and kicking up the spice - my husband wouldn't have it any other way!

Going vegan didn't mean I had to give up one of my favorite dishes!

What you need:

* one package seitan
* safflower oil or oil of your choice
* flour (use any type you want, white, wheat and oat probably are the best ones for this)
* spices/etc (I used garlic powder, garlic salt, cayanne pepper, sweet mirin, soy sauce)
* general tso sauce (you can make this your self but I bought a bottle pre-made at Trader Joes, it’s the best cooking sauce ever!)
* veggies!

Mix together a few T. of flour with some garlic powder and cayenne pepper to taste. Cut seitan into cubes. Roll in flour and place in hot pan with oil to lightly fry. Turn and cook until crispy and golden brown. Pour general tso sauce over seitan to coat, turn heat on low to heat sauce and keep seitan warm.

In another pan cook your veggies in a little oil (to lower calories cook with a spray oil instead) I used 1 T. oil to cook a chopped onion and 2 or 3 cups of zucchini (use any veggies you want, we were running low on fresh veggies other wise I would have loaded it up!) I also added 2 t. mirin, a sprinkle of soy sauce and some garlic salt)

Makes 2 - 3 servings based on how hungry you are! We put the veggies in the bowl and then placed the general tso seitan on top!

For additional comments and nutrition data visit my food blog
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