Jenn (mercuryhime) wrote in vegancooking,

help me use up my apple sauce!!

So um...I opened up this 50 oz jar of apple sauce and used 1/4 cup to replace some oil in a brownie recipe. Now I need to use it all up by the end of tomorrow because I'll be going away for a month and I don't want to come home to a jar full of mold. I don't have a freezer, so that's not an option. I'm hoping for a cake recipe or bar recipe that I can make and distribute or take with me on my trip.
Ideally, the recipe should use up a large amount of apple sauce. Please help! In the memories and tags, recipes seemed to only call for a cup at a time. I need to use up the whole jar! that's 5 1/2 cups. and I don't really like to eat it plain.
Thanks for any help!
Tags: -what can i do with...?, condiments-apple sauce
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