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Mod Post - Everyone Please Read

Hi, I wanted to say "Welcome!" to all our new members. As we do on occasion, it's time for another friendly reminder of our posting guidelines. I'm lazy, so I'll just cut and paste from the user info page:

some simple community guidelines to help things run smoother

1. Please check the memories and tags before posting a recipe request. Requests for recipes that are posted en masse, (e.g., choc chip cookies, plain chocolate cakes, hummus) may be deleted (and possibly you may get several "check the memories" comments). All tags are on the right hand side of the main community page.

2. Use a subject line when making a post, and please make it relevant. LJSeek and Google may not archive the post if there is no subject line. It also makes it much easier to find a recipe later on, as when searching from month to month.

3. Cross-posting to other vegan communities is not allowed. For example, the members of vegancooking are most likely also members of veganism veganpeople or vegan_talk. We don't need to see your post a third (or fourth) time. If your question is more appropriate here, post it here.
(in the case of off-topic crossposting, your entry will be deleted upon discovery)
The exception to the cross-posting rule is veganfoodpics, if you cross-post to veganfoodpics please place the entire content of the post beneath an lj-cut.

4. Please don't post off-topic posts in this community. This is a community to trade vegan recipes, to ask about how to use different ingredients, and to ask about different vegan pre-packaged foods and appliances etc. because of the existense of more generalized vegan communities, and the immense traffic of vegancooking, if your post has nothing to do with food, don't be surprised if your post is deleted. If your topic is especially interesting, or has good info in the responses, we may simply ask you to edit your post with an lj-cut, but if it is not cut within 2 hours of the warning, it will then be deleted.
along similar lines, please don't debate within comments. let's keep this community a peaceful place.

5. If you are curious if a food item is vegan or not vegan, please post your question in isitveg or veganpeople.
here is a comprehensive list of many veg*n and veg*n related communities for you to peruse to see if your question would be more appropriate there.

6. LJ-cut long recipes (or at least put an LJ-cut directly after the ingredient list):
<lj-cut text="your text here">
(If the name of the recipe is not in the subject line and because what is written in the LJ cut does not show up in the post itself, please restate the recipe's name directly after the lj-cut so when people look at your recipe later-on, it doesn't look like the recipe has no name.)

7. One picture is allowed outside the lj-cut. It should be no bigger than approximately 800x600 pixels.

8. Cite the source when posting a published recipe, or copying and pasting from another website. (added by lavajin) Please DO copy and paste from other websites. Posting only a link to the recipe will get your post rejected, and us asking for you to post the text of the recipe as well. We do this in case the linked website ever goes down or moves, the recipe will still be available here.

9. Do not suggest the use of any animal ingredients in this community, this is vegancooking. You are welcome to post a non-vegan recipe with a request for help converting it to vegan, but please keep the mention of using animal ingredients out of this community. If you'd like to suggest someone use eggs/cow's milk/honey, we highly suggest you join vegrecipes. If you post a recipe using actual meat, poultry or fish, that comment will be removed upon discovery. it's all in the phrasing. (expect a link to examples of phrasing soon)

10. If you would like to thank people for their contributions, or need to make an additional request related to a post you recently made. Please edit the original post as opposed to posting a whole new entry. If you are posting the recipe or results of a post you made, that is fine, but "thanks so much for your help!" type posts are frowned upon.

11. New members or members who cannot adhere to the community guidelines are placed on moderated submission.

thank you very much.
your friendly community maintainers;
freshgroundfemm, giantsloths, lavajin, misfit, redclock, supercarrot, and vgnwtch

If you have any questions or concerns, click here to make a post to vc_moderators, we can respond to your post there.
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