quickbeam, the hasty ent (jenhowell) wrote in vegancooking,
quickbeam, the hasty ent

peanut sauce recipes

So I'm visiting Korea right now, and I'm interested in making a peanut sauce without too many pre-packaged ingredients. I have peanut butter right now, but have not seen any peanut oil. In my apartment right now I have: Peanut butter, garlic, canola oil, sesame oil, onions, vegetable bullion, lime juice, a little bit of rice wine, soy sauce

I could probably get a few more things, especially if it's produce. But I can't read the sides of most sauces here to determine if they're vegan or not.

So yeah.

If you have recipes that don't have the ingredients I've listed or that are a bit fancier but could probably be tweaked, I'd appreciate those too - I'd like to get an idea of how different peanut sauces are made. Thanks!

p.s. - The peanut butter I have is sweetened. I'm just going to work with that for now.
Tags: condiments-sauces, ethnic food-thai, nuts-nut butters
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