greg's odyssey (tako_to_ama) wrote in vegancooking,
greg's odyssey

on freezing foods?

So I was going to make some pelmeni for my sister and I this evening, as a 'thanks for not kicking me out after a week' sort of gift. However, here's the thing: the recipe calls for freezing before you cook them, but is it totally necessary to freeze them, or would they fare just as well unfrozen, but with cooking time reduced in the boiling water? Or, if they need to be frozen, since they are essentially ravioli filled with potatoes, about how long should it take for them to be sufficiently frozen?

(PS- Mods, I will tag this in a moment, I am just a tiny bit hopeless when it comes to that, and can't really find the appropriate thing at the moment.)
Tags: ethnic food-russian, main dishes-dumpling/potsticker/pierogi
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