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Maceroni Plus

I was just trying to come up with something different for dinner. I make something new everynight, but one night I happened upon a recipe that tasted so close to mac n cheese. It tastes like a more sharp style of mac n cheese. Almost like the old Kraft stuff, but it tastes like food. It really doesn't taste exactly like it, but it does taste similar. So here it is.

All ingredients here are organic and raw if available.

-1 package of noodles (I like the radiator noodles for this one)
-2.5T tahini (I use unroasted, unsalted, but it is not necessary)
-1.5T cashew butter
-1T Yellow mustard
-1/2t paprika
-1t mustard powder
-Oil of some kind, olive would be good (We use coconut oil here at my house)
-A splash of Braggs Liquid Aminos
-Lemon juice from one slice of lemon

Boil your noodles and strain. While noodles are in the strainer, mix all the ingredients for the sauce in the noodle pot. I find it easiest to whip it all together with a fork or small whisk. Pour noodles back into pot with the sauce, I like to put a little Earth Balance on the noodles once in while to give a little more of that mac n cheese taste. Salt and/or pepper to taste. We haven't been able to get a hold of some good nutritional yeast, or that would have been in there too. It's a good meal, takes no time to prepare and it's got some good stuff in it, such as tahini, which provides a ton of good calcium, if you use the coconut oil on a regular basis, then you will reap the benefits there too.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies were compared to storebought, I just made them last weekend. A good egg replacer for baking is psyllium husks, the mix is as follows: 1T psyllium husks with 2T liquid. I use cold coffee in the "egg" in this recipe. Make the "egg" late in the process, it gets thick fast.

All ingredients are organic.

-1 package Carob or Vegan Chocolate Chips
-1C flour
-1C oats
-1.5C sugar
-1 "egg"
-1t salt
-1t vanilla
-.5C Earth Balance or other "butter" @ room temp
-1t baking soda

Sift flour salt and baking soda together and set aside. Whip butter and sugar together until creamy and mix in the "egg" and vanilla and mix evenly. Pour creamed butter mix and oats and mix them with the flour. Mix in the chocolate chips. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes or until brown. Let cool and serve. Cover right away to ensure they stay soft a chewy.

For variation add a couple spoonfulls of peanutbutter.


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