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Vegan crepe filling

I want to make some dessert crepes tomorrow for breakfast.

What's your favorite dessert crepe filling recipe?
While we're at it, what's your favorite non-dessert crepe filling?

The crepe recipe I use is from the Garden of Vegan cookbook, but as per usual, some things are a little off so I'm including the recipe as well as the slight changes I made to the recipe to make it work better:

Vegan Breakfast Crepes:
2 eggs of powdered egg replacer
1c soy milk
1/3c water
1c flour (I used whole wheat pastry flour, and had maybe 1 1/3c)
2T dry sweetener (I only used 1T)
1t vanilla extract
2T margarine (I only used about 1.25T)

In blender or food processor, combine all ingredients & blend for 20sec (I use a Vitamix I got for my birthday a couple years ago & set it on "5")
Be careful you don't blend too long or it will end up gummy
Portion 2-3T batter onto hot non-stick pan over med high heat (I still added a swipe of canola oil)
(I didn't bother to lift and rotate because I found this spread the pancake too thin making it impossible to pick up without breaking)
Cook until almost dry on top & lightly brown on edges (I just waited until it was fully cooked & skipped the turning)
Loosen edges with thin spatula & flip crepe over w/fingers cooking for an add 15 sec or just take it out with your fingers and cool on a paper towel or cookie rack
Fill with desired ingredients makes 8-12 crepes

If there are any other jews (or maybe even just blintz enthusiasts) out there, I also found a recipe for vegan blintzes which I am making right now. When was a new vegan I used to eat the toffutti ones all the time thinking that since they were dairy free they certainly must be vegan. I learned the hard way to always check the ingredients (they include egg whites). I substituted the raisins for a healthy splash of rosemary because that's how my mom used to make them:
Vegan Blintzes

I'll update again to let everyone know how mine turned out.
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