sleep (beneficialist) wrote in vegancooking,

Empanada fillings, salad dressing

I checked the tags and couldn't find this stuff, it seems so simple though..

1. Any suggestions for empanada/turnover/calzone fillings, preferably savory?

2. I'm trying to figure out how to make this cabbage salad dressing, I have an idea of what it tastes like but I feel like I'm missing a key ingredient. If anyone has been to Pokez in San Diego, its like their cabbage salad dressing, and it tastes vinegar-y, pepper-y, and sweet. Something tells me I cant throw vinegar, pepper, and sugar on cabbage though. I don't know! :[ It kinda reminds me of the taste of pickled beets, if that helps? It definitely does not have lemon juice nor oil.

or.. could I put pickled beet juice on cabbage and call it a salad?

or.. maybe I need to use cider vinegar?

please and thanks:]
Tags: condiments-salad dressings, ethnic food-brazilian, ethnic food-latin american, ethnic food-portuguese, main dishes-various stuffed things
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