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Bread and Corn Syrup

I'm trying to cut corn syrup out of my diet. As anyone who has ever tried doing so can relate, this is extremely difficult, because high fructose corn syrup is in nearly all processed and pre-packaged food. I try to avoid such food in general, but as a college student I need some easy-to-prepare food as a back-up when time and funds are limited.

I've found brands of nearly all my food staples that are made without the evil HFCS: sorbet (Hagen-Daas), pasta sauce (Classico), cereal (Kashi), 100% juice cranberry blend, jam (forget the brand, but it's good all fruit spread), and so on. Anything that's always full of corn syrup is probably not healthy enough for me to be eating regularly, anyway.

My current frustration, though, is bread. I can't talk myself out of eating bread like I can candy. I expected corn syrup to be in Wonderbread, but turns out it's in every loaf of conventionally available (Oroweat/Brownberry/Arnold, Pepperidge Farms, and a couple other brands) whole grain bread I buy. I read online that bread manufactures use it because it both sweetens it and increases the shelf life of the bread.

Seeing as honey is also an ingredient in many of these breads (okay, so, I eat honey. Sue me.), I figured all you lovely vegans might have some suggestions. Where do you get your corn-syrup-free whole grain vegan bread?

I go to school in a small town with a few grocery stores, a small health food store (which doesn't sell bread, to the best of my knowledge), and a bakery that does not offer any whole-grain breads. There's also a Great Harvest Bread Co. 40 miles away.

Is there a good grocery store brand I'm missing? Are there any gluten free breads worth trying? How's the shelf life of bread without HFCS? And once I've gotten my hands on a loaf of bread, what's the best way to keep it from going moldy or stale?

I'd also love suggestions and recipes for baking my own without a breadmaker. In particular, I'm a sucker for sunflower seeds in my bread. Mmm.
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