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Cookbook for my Boss

I work at an art center and gallery in Minneapolis, and my boss, who is a bit of a chef and often makes the hors d'oeuvres for exhibition openings and large events, mentioned that she wouldn't know how to begin to cook/bake for me when she brought in homemade scones and cheesecake this morning (even though she went out of her way to make a dish I could eat at a small event). I offered to buy her a cookbook, and she said if nothing else, she'd be really interested in seeing how the recipes worked without animal products.

Now, she's very Italian, and very much an artiste and a bit of a snob when it comes to cooking. So I'm looking for something that might actually spur her to make something vegan for an opening- careful complicated flavors and beautiful presentations, but preferably nothing with too "strange" ingredients for a non-vegan. I'm not afraid of egg-replacer, but I think she'd turn her nose up at it.

So, the books I'm looking at:
Candle Cafe Cookbook
The Artful Vegan
The Vegan Gourmet
Lois Dietrly's Sinfully Vegan
Vegan World Fusion Cuisine

I've only seen the last one in person, and was curious what the community would say about which one to purchase for my boss?
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