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protein source at vegan post-wedding brunch

my friends are getting married in a couple of weeks and the bride's mom is hosting a post-wedding brunch. she's not vegan but is doing pretty well coming up with a menu from whole foods. she asked for my help filling out the menu - she thinks it's light on protein and "a little boring." she says, "i don't know what takes the place of quiche or eggs at a vegan brunch." she's looking for something that doesn't need to be kept heated ideally.

this is her menu so far:

bagels and tofutti
fruit platter
Meze basket -- hummus, grape leaves, baba ganoush, tabouli, mixed olives, and pita
vegetable platter with a dip
vegan muffins and/or coffee cake
fruit juice, tea, coffee

she didn't say so explicitly but i don't think she wants to do much cooking (nothing beyond defrosting/microwaving, i would guess). i'm open to making something if i can think of a great idea, but i won't be home with all my gear, so i don't want to commit to making anything elaborate.

the only thing we've come up with so far is some kind of sausage we can microwave/bake and maybe a scheese platter.

any ideas? i'm kind of stumped.
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